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The Excel workbook and PDF are provided only for convenience. The information contained in these files is included in our periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission or our earnings calls materials, which are available on the Investor Relations section of our website at Your use of these files is for informational purposes only and you agree not to misrepresent any calculations derived from the information included in these files as Zillow’s calculations.

Monthly Unique Users - Mobile Apps and Websites (rounded to the nearest thousand)
December 2014:73,514,000(1)
November 2014:74,300,000
October 2014:82,326,000
September 2014:82,808,000
August 2014:86,293,000
July 2014:88,836,000
June 2014:82,989,000
May 2014:81,486,000
April 2014:78,848,000
March 2014:76,552,000
February 2014:65,558,000
January 2014:69,894,000
December 2013: 52,211,000
November 2013: 52,769,000
October 2013:58,093,000
September 2013:58,380,000
August 2013:63,678,000
July 2013:61,295,000
June 2013:55,681,000
May 2013:54,818,000
April 2013:52,453,000
March 2013:50,298,000
February 2013:43,771,000
January 2013:45,887,000
December 2012:34,703,000
November 2012:33,021,000
October 2012:35,885,000
September 2012:34,965,000
August 2012:36,312,000
July 2012:37,012,000
June 2012:34,600,000
May 2012:33,724,000
April 2012:32,097,000
March 2012:32,371,000
February 2012:31,278,000
January 2012:31,743,000
December 2011:23,395,000
November 2011:22,470,000
October 2011:24,655,000
September 2011:24,352,000
August 2011:25,143,000
July 2011:23,220,000
June 2011:20,857,000
May 2011:22,000,000
April 2011:19,416,000
March 2011:19,409,000
February 2011:16,808,000
January 2011:15,702,000
December 2010:13,069,000
November 2010:12,530,000
October 2010:12,400,000
September 2010:11,967,000
August 2010:12,480,000
July 2010:11,736,000
June 2010:10,697,000
May 2010:10,899,000
April 2010:10,658,000
March 2010:10,204,000
February 2010:8,730,000
January 2010:8,969,000

Zillow releases its monthly unique user metrics on the investor relations section of Zillow’s website following the close of the NASDAQ Stock Market on the fourth trading day of each month.

Zillow counts a unique user the first time an individual accesses our mobile applications using a mobile device during a calendar month and the first time an individual accesses one of our websites using a web browser during a calendar month. If an individual accesses our mobile applications using different mobile devices within a given month, the first instance of access by each such mobile device is counted as a separate unique user. If an individual accesses our websites using different web browsers within a given month, the first access by each such web browser is counted as a separate unique user. If an individual accesses more than one of our websites in a single month, the first access to each website is counted as a separate unique user since unique users are tracked separately for each domain. We measure unique users with Google Analytics.

1For December 2014, the reported monthly unique user metric was estimated by Zillow based on historical trends by calculating the percentage change in monthly unique users from November 2013 to December 2013 and multiplying that percentage change by the reported November 2014 monthly unique users. Zillow transitioned to an upgraded version of the Google Analytics measurement service, Universal Analytics, in the month of December 2014 on both its mobile application and website platforms. As a result, Zillow is not able to provide an accurate count of the monthly unique users as reported by the service for December 2014.